Integral blinds

Integrated blinds installed inside hermetically sealed glazed units are our the most innovative and most advanced product.
Functional and esthetic values over normal blinds gives users unique benefits.



Double glazed, triple glazed, sound proof, anti-solar glass and more. Our innovative energy efficient technology, including “warm edges” result in excellent thermal efficiency of our glass units.



We manufacture PVC, wooden and aluminum windows.
“Made to measure” motto of our company results in non-standard shapes (circles, triangles etc.) of windows that we make for our customers.


Other products

In our offer you can also find doors, winter gardens, balcony and terrace doors, aluminum constructions,
window shutters, aluminum handrails, window air-intakes and awnings.


Demonstration videos

Check out our company and watch integrated blinds in action.

Integrated blinds – Intro

Integral blinds - how they work

Electrical blinds – Demo

Integral blinds demonstration

Integrated blinds in facades

Integral blinds with remote controll installed in facades

Completed projects

Completed project installations of integral blinds

What Our Customers Are Saying!

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

In January 2012 Duggan Systems Ltd. ordered 96 double glazed units with manually controlled integrated blinds from Izoglas Poland. These units were installed into 66mm thermally broken aluminum windows manufactured in our premises.
Duggan System Ltd. recommends Izoglas for the manufacture of integrated blind units. Their staff were helpful, their turnaround time for manufacture was superb and their finished product was flawless fulfilling both the exacting requirements of Duggan Systems Ltd. and of our client Waterford Regional Hospital.
Ger Kiely,
Duggan Systems Ltd.

It was a joy to work with the professionals at Izoglas.
The Izoglas installation exceeds our expectations of maximizing daylight, while minimizing glare, heat loss and reduction of energy costs. It is a perfect solution for passive and energy-saving houses.
Nowadays the ideal window not only ensures maximal functionality, comfort and security but also minimal costs of utilization.
So if you want to choose the best solution – choose Izoglas.
Malgorzata Kawalec-Tluczek,
Architect, Asymetria Studio

In 2010 Izoglas delivered 394 integral blinds manually controlled to Vidok Ltd.
Blinds from Izoglas with our windows were installed in Regional Hospital in Rzeszow.
Integral blinds placed between glass in hermetically sealed units perfectly perform in hospital dissolving the problem with light control.
Vidok Ltd recommends Izoglas as trustworthy and professional business partner, emphasizes its promptness and reliability.
Tomasz Fafara,
Technical Director, Vidok Ltd.

What is a difference between integral blinds and normal, traditional blinds?

Integral blinds placed in hermetically sealed units are the innovative solution compared with traditional blinds.
Placing slats into units protect them against dirt, dust and harmful weather conditions.
Integral blinds keep esthetic, intact appearance for many years and closed in a hermetical glass unit enhance thermal parameters of the glass units.  
That kind of solution also means a space saving what is especially important for commercial buildings or hospitals.

Which integral blinds are better: manually or electrically controlled?

In manually controlled integrated blinds a transmission mechanism is built into the window and controlled by an elegant bead chain.
This solution is perfect for those with more classical approach.

In electrically controlled integrated blinds an electrical engines is built into the window and controlled by switches or remote controls.
It is also possible to simultaneously control blinds in entire facades using time, solar and other kinds of sensors.
The remote control is especially suitable for use in auditoriums, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, etc.

What are the dimensions of your blinds?

For electrically controlled blind dimensions are:

Width: 500-2000 mm (19.69 – 78.74 inches)
Height: 500 – 2300 mm (19.69 – 90.55 inches)

For manually controlled blind dimensions are:

Width: 350-2000 mm (13.78 – 78.74 inches)
Height: 500 – 2300 mm (19.69 – 90.55 inches)

15-mm-wide aluminum slats are used in the blinds.

Are your prices attractive?

Our goal is to provide you with the best product in category while keeping competitive prices for all our products.

We encourage you to fill in sales inquiry form and be surprised what we can offer for you.

Are integral blinds the only element of your offer?

Integral blinds are our paramount product but we also manufacture and provide with passion glass units, windows, doors, winter gardens or stained glass windows.
Please check our products descriptions» for more information.

Example of our products

Non standard shapes of windows

Aluminum facade

Aluminum facade

Partition walls made for office building.

Integral blinds in housing development.

Sunroom from our huge collection.

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Photo of our doors

Aluminum doors

Aluminum construction

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