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Where are you based?
Izoglas is based in Poland, approx. 100km from Warsaw.
Location in Poland gives us cost advantage over our competitors from Western part of EU while 30 years of experience ensures excellent quality of our products.
In fact Poland is currently world’s most dynamically growing exporter of windows (and related products).
Where do you deliver?
Currently, we deliver to all European countries. However, we are able to deliver most of the countries in the World.
Particularly, integrated blinds who are very cheap in transport – can be sent to every place on earth.
If you need info about your specific location – please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is your guarantee?
For integral blinds the warranty is 5 years – on both the tightness of the glass unit as well as the infallibility of the blinds.
What colours of integral blinds can I order?

The standard colours of blinds (and in fact most popular) are:
 – white,
 – silver
 – gold.

We can also provide 47 different colours on demand.

Why should I buy from Izoglas?
What distinguish us from our competitors:
 – high quaility – the owners of the company have been in business for over 30 years and are crazy about quality.
 – cost advantage – while working on components and machinery imported from world’s suppliers (incl. Switzerland, Germany, France) – workforce and other costs are much lower in Poland than in western countries. Thus, having high quality products we can offer them at a better price.
 – client focus – that’s what we really mean. When you have a specific request – we always try to you happy. That is why we developed quite unique experience and machinery to build our products in non-standard shapes (e.g. triangle or circle window). That is something our competitors do not offer.

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What is your lead time?
Normally, it takes about 4 weeks to complete the order after we receive confirmation and advance payment.
Our main priority is quality – our blinds go through detailed quality control and that takes time. The advantage for you is 5 year warranty period.

What are the minimum & maximum dimensions of the blinds?

For electrically controlled blind:
Width: 500-2000 mm (19.69 – 78.74 inches)
Height: 500 – 2300 mm (19.69 – 90.55 inches)

For manually controlled blind dimensions are:
Width: 350-2000 mm (13.78 – 78.74 inches)
Height: 500 – 2300 mm (19.69 – 90.55 inches)

Do you have any certificates?

Combined glass units with integrated blinds Izoglas have Safety B Mark Certificate issued by The Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials in Warsaw.

What are the possible forms of cooperation?

There 3 ways of cooperation:
We can deliver only integral blinds to be installed by your window supplier.
We can deliver window panels and integral blinds to your window supplier
or we can deliver complete windows.

Who can buy your products?
We have 4 major groups of customers:
Glass manufacturers: 
They buy integral blinds sets and mount them into their own glass units according to our directions.

Glass suppliers:
They usually buy whole units (with and without integrated blinds) – thanks to high quality and competitive price.

Windows manufacturers:
Usually buy integrated blinds. Occasionally, they buy glass units with integrated blinds.

Private individuals
They usually order windows with integrated blinds (particularly in non-standard shapes).

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I'm interested in retailing your products. What should I do?
We are constantly bringing out new interesting products and technologies.
We are still looking to expand our network of retail partners and distributors.
If you like to be considered, please fill our Contact Form and we will contact you to discuss the possibilities.
You can also send us an email:
Where can I find technical specifications of your products?
We send technical specifications upon request.
What are the prices of your products?
Our goal for more than 30 years is to provide you with the best possible product – very often customized to your needs. At the same time we can offer very competitive prices.
What makes integral blinds so good?
Integral blinds sit in the space between the two windowpanes, which helps to keep them clean and free of dust,
whereas normal blinds can mark nasty bacteria and dirt.
With integral blinds, you’ll have the combined benefits of improved heat retention during the winter and a nice cooling effect through the summer.
If your house has a lot of windows installation of integral blinds will give you benefit of extra privacy without the requirement for heavy hanging drapes or curtains.

What is U-Value and how can I improve it?
U-Value is the rate of heat loss per square meter for a temperature difference between the interior and exterior.
You can improve it by using double or triple glazed glass units. The lower U-Value index the lower heating costs.

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