Integral blinds - our paramount product

Innovative, superb quality

What are integral blinds?

Integrated blinds (also called integrated blinds, interstitial blinds, blinds between glass) are blinds integrated into hermetically sealed glass units.

Safe, hygienic, energy-efficient and unobtrusive.

There are 2 kinds of blinds in our offer:

manually controlled – transmission mechanism is built into the window and controlled by an elegant bead chain
electrically (remotely) controlled – electrical engines built into the window and controlled by switches or remote controls

Remotely steered integral blinds demo

Remotely steered integral blinds

Key benefits

  • Remote control
  • No maintenance 
  • Discrete privacy barrier
  • Wide palette of colours 
  • Energy efficient
  • Hygienically clean: No dust

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Superb quality

  • 30 years of experience
  • 5-year warranty 
  • based on components made in:
    Germany, Switzerland, France
  • intensively tested in 85°C (185°F):
    100.000 cycles error-free

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Colour palette

Our blinds are available in 3 standard colors: white, silver and gold. For bigger orders we provide any colour requested by our Clients.

Eco friendly

Ecology is driving innovation. Our blinds fit perfectly into windows designed for passive houses.

Technical specifications

Our blinds and windows meet critical technical specifications. Let us know about your project and we will send them upon request.

Who buys our integrated blinds?

  • Developers
  • Glass suppliers
  • Windows manufacturers

  • Construction companies
  • Building societies
  • Windows servicers

  • Private individuals
  • Importers
  • Distributors

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Laboratories

Integral blinds by Izoglas are:

safe, hygienic, energy-efficient and unobtrusive.
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