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For windows manufacturers

As a windows manufacturer you can benefit in two ways.

Add integral blinds to your offer
First, we can deliver integral blinds that you install into your windows. Thus, you make your offer more interesting for your customers and earn more on increased value of windows.

Add non-standard shapes of windows to your offer
Second, some customers may request windows in non-standard (atypical) shapes (i.e. circle, triangle and more). If you do not manufacture them, we can do it for you so that you satisfy your customers and extend your product portfolio.

Both of these options make your offer exceptional and differentiate you from your competitors, increasing your revenue. Contact us


Building societes (developers) and construction companies

With developers and construction companies we work on project basis. Each project is different, but our 30 years’ experience and effective cost base, results in many tenders that we have won.
We are particularly good at hospitals, but we also have several successes in commercial buildings as well as in residential houses.

Important notice:
In cases when you have your preferred windows supplier, we can deliver integral blinds to your windows supplier who installs them windows for you.

When you prepare a tender – just drop us a line and we will contact you for details. Contact us

Distributors of windows, doors and blinds

With distributors we build long lasting relationships. Superb quality and discount system based on quantity and portfolio mix, result in a very attractive prices.

Our product offer includes:
  • full windows portfolio (wooden, PVC and aluminum)
  • on-standard windows shapes
  • doors
  • integral blind

Check our product portfolio» and remember:

the wider your offer, the more you sell at higher margin. Effect: you earn more and your customers who are totally satisfied.

Contact us to become our distributor.Contact us


Architects create a special group for us. On one hand they provide us with plenty ideas for new products. On the other hand, they give us precious feedback from the customers.

As architects are important link between us and the final consumer, we treat you in a special way. Once you become our partner, you gain several advantage coming from cooperation with us. 

  • bonus package
  • access to our non-standard, premium solutions
  • increased revenue
  • market differentiation and recognition

Optimise your design using modern solutions (integral blinds, large panels, etc.)

Contact us and learn more about cooperation with us. Contact us

Windows service companies

Cooperation with windows service companies is two-fold:

We send you customers
When our Clients order windows with montage, we often use our trusted partners to do the service on our behalf. This is particularly the case when customer is located far from our headquarters.

Special offer for your customer
Once you become our trusted partner, you will gain access to the preferential conditions. You will get not only more attractive prices, but also priority support and faster delivery of windows. 

These are two most frequent ways of cooperation. But we are also open for other.

Just contact us and see what you can gain. Contact us

Office partitions manufacturers

Majority of office manufacturers install – in their partition walls – integral blinds that can only tilt. While it is ok for many customers who just want cheap product, there is an interesting group of premium customers who want more than just tilting blinds.

They want much more sophisticated solution – integral blinds that not only tilt but also move up and downand with remote steering.

Add such blinds to your offer and attack more attractive market segment. Meet even most sophisticated requirements of your customers.Contact us


Lower your manufacturing costs and get to market with wider portfolio.

Take advantage of our 30 years’ experience and economies of scale. We can manufacture for you complete windows or deliver selectes parts (e.g. integral blinds only in tubs that you mount into your windows).

Contact us and check how we can start doing business together? Contact us

Insulating glass manufacturers

As insulating glass manufacturer, you are just one step away from new customers.

Add integral blinds to your offer

How it works? We deliver integral blinds (in protected tubs) and you install them in your glass units (then in windows).

Your offer becomes more complete and more interesting for your customers. Effect: you earn more from happier customers.

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