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Integral blinds

Placed between the glass in hermetically sealed units (double or triple glazed), integrated blinds offer you much more than traditional blinds.

Sophisticated technology of production allows for a total air-tight of sealed units what results in blinds being totally resistant to mechanical damages and fully protected against any dust. Therefore, integral blinds as ultra hygienic are perfectly suitable for hospitals, clinics, commercial kitchens and laboratories.
To private and business users, integral blinds offer incredible elegance and comfort. No matter whether you have manually or electronically (remotely) controlled blinds, you have full control over incoming light. For architects they allow for plenty of scope in their projects – the only limitation is their imagination.
Long warranty and maintenance-free are killing benefits.Learn more about integral blinds

Glass units

Glass units are the most important part of windows in term of energy savings.
Our double-glazed and triple-glazed glass units meet very strict criteria even for passive houses.
The index of heat loss is called “U value” and directly reflects on reduction of heating costs environmental protection and ensures an adequate microclimate in the room.
The lower “U Value” index the lower heating costs.
The insulating glass used up until now in the best case guaranteed the U values of about 3,0 W/m*2K and only  5,8 W/m*2K in case of single glass.
The U values for double-pane glass unit are in the range from 1,3 to 1,0 W/m2*K and for triple-pane glass units about 0,6W/m2*K.
Double-glazed, triple-glazed, sound absorbing, security and even ornamental glass. What makes us different is that we can also produce non-standard shapes (e.g. circle, triangle). Learn more about our quality


PVC Windows

We produce and deliver the best-quality PVC windows. Our windows are ideal for passive and energy efficient houses, especially these made of six-chamber profiles, with two-chamber glass units with a very low heat transfer coefficient on the level of 0,8 W/m2 K for the whole window.
We are very proud of windows with atypical shapes: triangular, trapezoidal, round or even arched (e.g. gothic arches) and unusual colours, including double-colour windows with different colour on the inside and the outside of a building.

Wooden Windows
We use the Polstol system (glued laminated timber – pine wood and meranti) to produce our wooden windows.
Windows are equipped in a two-gasket system which is rarity on the market. All the fittings are made and delivered by an Austrian company MACO.  
The wooden profiles that we use are particularly elegant and posh and have great noise attenuation properties.
Windows are produced using a digital machining center, which ensures a perfect execution and enables production of untypical shapes such as round, arched (e.g. gothic arches), triangular and trapezoid.

Aluminum Windows
In addition to wooden and PCV windows, we manufacture aluminum windows. We use two renowned systems: Belgian REYNAERS and Polish ALUPROF to produce these windows.
In our offer we have also wooden-aluminum windows. This hybrid solution is perfect for clients who appreciate the esthetics of wood and the durability of metal.

See photos of our windows in real buildings


The most important attributes of good door are durability and functionality as well as nice appearance complementing the character of the building.
We manufacture PVC, aluminum and wooden doors. They are made from the best materials and equipped with reliable fittings assuring a long period of faultless use.
For production of PVC doors we use the VEKA system, which assures unique durability and infallibility.
Our doors deal smoothly with frequent opening, closing and slamming, insulate from cold and noise and, when properly equipped, they notably reduce the probability of breaking in and unwanted entering.
We also produce doors of untypical shapes and colours, including double-coloured doors with different colours inside and outside the building.
Wooden doors manufactured by our company are produced from glued laminated timber – pine wood and meranti. We use a Digital Machining Center, which guarantees perfect finishing and allows for production of untypical shapes, e.g. arched doors.
A great advantage of wooden doors, aside from a natural and ecological material frames is their availability in a broad palette of colours.
We especially recommend our beautiful wooden doors with reflective or stained glass.
Then we make aluminum doors in two renowned systems: REYNAERS and ALUPROF, which ensure durability and dependability.
Our doors are perfectly suitable for offices and shops. We also recommend our aluminum house entrance doors with fillings of ready-made aluminum panels with stampings and decorative glazing.See photos of our doors

Garden rooms

This is our exclusive product. Garden room means raising house standard, quality of life and social status.
Regardless of weather conditions, a sun room gives an impression of spaciousness and direct contact with nature and landscape.
For production of Garden room we use the most modern and professional technique, paying particular attention to the construction of the roof.
For that construction we use a special German system, created solely for that purpose, TS-Aluminium. It gives 100% the security of use, rigidity and tightness of the construction.

See photos of our gardens rooms

Other products

Our portfolio encompasses also balcony and terrace doors, aluminum constructions, window shutters, aluminum handrails, window air-intakes and awnings.
We are very proud of own stained glass studio. Our artists can make geometric motifs or any kind which is based on the ideas of the client.
We are also willing to prepare and manufacture stained glass with religious motifs. 

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