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Hans Schuler recommendation letter
Hans-Karl Schuler
Glas Schuler GmbH & Co. KG (currently ISOLETTE Group)

Mr Schuler in his recommendation pointed that Izoglas has been a European member of Isolette Group.
Izoglas has execellently dealt with integral blinds from the entry into Group.
It has participated in each meeting of Isolette Group and many technical workshops.
Employees of Izoglas have always been very concerned about technical innovations and involved in trainings.
During the whole cooperation, HQ of Isolette Group has never observed any defects or complaints.

Please take a look at a strong recommendation letter of Mr Schuler.

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Craft recommendation letter for IZOGLAS
Czeslaw Magiera
Craft Wholesales “Hurtownia Rzemioslo” – founded in 1981

In 2002 we ordered 21 integral blinds with manual control to Hurtownia Rzemiosło. So far – after more than 12 years they have been working failure-free. There have not been any complaints.

Mr Czeslaw Magiera CEO of Rzemioslo Ltd. underlines the faultless of the integral blinds but also their assurance of adequate light control.

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Duggan Systems Limited - Recommendation letter for IZOGLAS
Ger Kiely
Purchasing Manager
Duggan Systems Ltd.

Mr Ger Kiely definitely recommends Izoglas for cooperation as honest and conscientious company. In 2012 Duggan Systems Ltd. ordered 96 double glazed units with manually controlled integrated blinds.

These units were installed into 66mm thermally broken aluminum windows manufactured in Duggan System’s premises.  We fulfilled the expectations not only Duggan Systems Ltd. but also Waterford Regional Hospital where our product was installed.

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Ela i Marek Romanowscy recommendation letter for IZOGLAS
Elżbieta i Marek Romanowscy
Individual customers

In 2003 Izoglas provided windows made from mahogany in DJ68 system, in azure colour. We manufactured rectangular,  arched, trapezoid and sliding windows. All windows were fitted out with blinds in hermetically sealed units. Izoglas delivered 17 units electrically – controlled blinds and 13 units of manually controlled.
So far after many years our blinds have been working failure-free.
Mr & Mrs Romanowski are very satisfied both windows and integral blinds. They recommend Izoglas to every demanding client.

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Oncology Center in Kielce recommendation letter for IZOGLAS
Wojciech Cedro
Investment’s V-ce Director
Regional Oncology Center

Please take a look at very positive opinion of V-ce Director from Oncological Centre.
Our blinds were installed in one of the buildings of Oncology Centre. It has eliminated the horizontal surfaces where dust tends to accumulate, allowing the Centre to meet the strictest demands concerning infection control. Moreover, the blinds are resistant to any mechanical damages, too.

Mr Cedro recommends integral blinds to environments with elevated level of sanitary requirments, like hospitals, laboratories, etc.

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Reynaers recommendation letter for IZOGLAS
Waldemar Karaś 
Regional Sales Manager
Reynaers Poland Ltd.

Mr Waldemar Karaś (Regional Sales Manager) emphasizes big aesthetics and dependability of our blinds. But he also remarks that technology of installation does not require any future maintenance work. Integral blinds from Izoglas perfectly perform in Reynaers office.

Taking into account all above, we strongly recommend IZOGLAS as a technically skilled supplier of double glazed glass with integrated blinds.

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Royal Architects recommendation letter for IZOGLAS
Alojzy Jazdzyk 
Royal Architects

Design agency pointed out raising, lowering and turning of the slats in glazed units. Our blinds allow for precise regulation of the amount of light entering the room. Due to the slats placed in a right position it doesn’t strike people but disperses (after being reflected, i.e. from the ceiling) and creates a nice atmosphere for work.

We recommend integral blinds by IZOGLAS to be used widely in building industry. As far as we know, none of their competitors offers blinds integrated into hermetically sealed glass units.

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Vidok recommendation letter for IZOGLAS
Tomasz Fafara
Technical Director
Vidok – Windows and Doors Manufacturer

In 2010 we delivered 394 integral blinds manually controlled to Vidok Ltd. Our blinds with windows from Vidok Ltd. were installed in hospital in Rzeszow. They perfectly perform in hospital dissolving the problem with light control.

Vidok Ltd recommends Izoglas as trustworthy and professional business partner, emphasizes its promptness and reliability.

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